Fearless Femme Racing Team, Born on a ‘Snowy Day Over a Bottle of Bourbon,’ Rides the Bucks County Classic

Arounkone Sananikone
Image via Arounkone Sananikone at Facebook,
Arounkone Sananikone, founder, owner, director, and mechanic of the Fearless Femme Racing Team.

The fearless leader of the Fearless Femme Racing Team had a twisty road in cultivating its highly successful women cyclists. Ahead of their appearance in Sunday’s Bucks County Classic, PEZ Cycling News glided through the athletes’ backstory.

Arounkone Sananikone is the team’s founder, owner, director, and mechanic.

Sananikone was born in Laos, immigrated to Texas in the 1980s, and gravitated toward biking to stay out of trouble.

He merged into the traffic of corporate America, where he found success but no satisfaction.

In 2007, Sananikone ditched his suit, moved to Lambertville, NJ, opened a bike shop, and built racing teams.

In Winter 2013, he was approached to launch an all-women’s unit. The Fearless Femme team was born “on a snowy day over a bottle of bourbon” Sananikone recalls.

The following year, his cyclists rocketed through the Bucks County Classic. It remains a mainstay to this day.

Sananikone loves the race’s Doylestown setting.

“The Bucks County Classic is so refreshingly unique because the event is nestled in one of the most charming and historic communities in the United States,” he said. “The weather is perfect, the course is technical and fun, and the community and sponsors rally together to create one of the most intensified events on the calendar.”


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