Yardley Açaí Fans: Prepare to Be Bowled Over by the Opening of SoBol

Ribbon-cutting SoBol, Yardley, Senator Steve Santarsiero
Image via Bucks Local News.
TherRibbon-cutting at SoBol in Yardley drew an appearance from local Senator Steve Santarsiero.

When local businessman Todd Stecker sought “some fulfillment” in his life, he ditched his high-paying corporate job. He instead became owner-operator of SoBol, an açaí smoothie-and-bowl shop in Yardley. Jeff Werner served up the details for Bucks Local News.

SoBol’s flavor profiles lean heavily toward tropical fruits, not surprisingly. Mix-ins include granola, coconut, peanut butter, and honey. The menu also features soup, for customers interested in something more savory.

“I wanted to create some fulfillment in my life,” said Stecker. “I didn’t get that in the corporate world. I didn’t own it. I didn’t have a piece of it. And I didn’t feel like anything I was doing was contributing any value to my life. I wanted to do something that brought me happiness, that I felt I had ownership in.”

Stecker said he found that happiness with SoBol. He signed on to the concept as a customer.

“I honestly love them,” Stecker said. “I just feel like it’s a lasting trend that’s going to be here to stay.”

He continued: “I just felt it was something Yardley could use: something fresh, something young.”

Stecker’s customers partake his menu for breakfast, lunch and even a late-night snack.

“It’s way healthier than three scoops of ice cream,” Stecker concluded.

More on SoBol and its açaí menu is at Bucks Local News.