New Pennsylvania Residents Moving from Elsewhere to Here: Where Do They Hail From?

Pennsylvania residents viz New York State
Image via Patryk Osmola at Creative Commons.
New York State is the number-one source of residents relocating to Pennsylvania, according to data analyzed by Stacker.

Pennsylvania residents know well what a great place this is to live. But who else in our neighboring states is discovering the same thing? A new report from Stacker looked at the influx of new residents and where they hail from.

Stacker compiled a list of the states that are points-of-origin for people moving to Pennsylvania. It used U.S. Census Bureau data to track migration patterns.

States were ranked based on the number of people who moved to Pennsylvania in 2019.

New York ranked first, with 46,618 people leaving the Empire State for Pennsylvania in 2019. They represent 17.4 percent of all people who moved into the Keystone State that year. Among New Yorkers, we were the third most popular choice for its expats.

Next are New Jersians, with 22,641 of them opting to become Pennsylvanians. Pennsylvania was also their number one destination among choices for a new home state.

Maryland is third with 21,659 people. Pennsylvania was the second most common moving destination, followed by Florida, with 19,629 people. For Floridians, Pennsylvania was their seventh most popular destination for new residences.

California is in fifth place with 13,048 natives relocating to the Keystone State.

Ohio, Virginia, Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina round out the top ten.

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