$100 Million in Assets Awaits Bucks County Claimants in the Pennsylvania Treasury. Is Any of It Yours?

Image via Samantha Galvez at PA Treasury.
State Treasurer Stacy Garrity (left) with Bucks County Treasurer Kris Ballerini.

Dormant county property like uncashed payroll checks or unclaimed credit balances eventually revert to the Pennsylvania State Treasury. Harrisburg recently returned these assets to Bucks County. 

But sometimes personal funds are orphaned there, too.

You may have a personal windfall waiting for you, there for the asking, reported Tom Sofield for Levittown Now.  

At a Doylestown press conference, Pennsylvania State Treasurer Stacy Garrity presented a check to Bucks County for more than $97,000, restoring it to the municipal coffers. 

“It’s great to know that this money is back where it belongs and will be used by Bucks County to benefit residents. I’m thrilled to make this return possible,” Treasurer Garrity said. 

On the individual level, the purse is sizeable. An estimated $100 million, in fact.  

Garrity recommended: “I encourage everyone to go to the Treasury’s website to see if any unclaimed property belongs to them.” 

A state treasure official elaborated: “Unclaimed property law requires dormant properties to be turned over to Treasury after three years of inactivity for most types of property and two years for payroll checks. Unclaimed property can include monies from dormant bank accounts, abandoned stocks, contents of safe deposit boxes, uncashed checks and more.”

Additional details on filing personal claims is in Levittown Now

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