Former Eagles Wide Receiver Freddie Mitchell Comes Up Empty-Handed After Ida Rescue


Former Eagles wide receiver Freddie Mitchell, whose house is up on stilts along the Schuylkill River, was in good spirits as he spoke with FOX29’s Alex Holley and Mike Jerrick about his experience quickly getting out of his Montgomery County home after Hurricane Ida flooded the area and having to venture to Walmart in nothing but his underwear.

He woke up and stepped in the water in his room, and knew that it wasn’t right. The local fire department arrived to get him out at 4 AM on Thursday morning.

He had to venture to Walmart in his underwear after the rescue boat dropped him off on the Schuylkill Trail and went back to rescue more people.

Mitchell said that he sits along the banks of the river each morning and gets his energy and zen from the river.

Much of the region will begin to clean up today after the terrifying flooding from the past 48 hours.

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