Time Magazine: Philadelphia Is One of the 100 Greatest World Places

Philadelphia Time Magazine 100 World's Greatest Places
Image via Emil Dendy at Creative Commons.
Philadelphia has been named one of Time Magazine's 100 world's greatest places.
The Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Image via Joscelyn Payne at Creative Commons.

Time Magazine has confirmed something we have known all along: Philadelphia is one of greatest world places, writes Pat Ralph for PhillyVoice.

The publication included the City of Brotherly Love on its recently released 2021 list of the greatest world places. This annual list contains 100 greatest world cities. Time’s international team of correspondents and contributors nominated the sites.

According to the magazine, the 2021 list “is a tribute to the people and businesses at the forefront of those industries who, amid extraordinary circumstances, found ways to adapt, build, and innovate.”

Philadelphia “is best known for its storied past,” wrote Time, but the city “is writing a new chapter this year.”

The magazine spotlighted several of the city’s famous arts and cultural institutions, including The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

It further commends the city’s appeal to foodies.

“The local culinary scene is as vibrant as ever too, with chef Omar Tate crowdfunding the forthcoming Honeysuckle Community Center in West Philly, sprouted from his award-winning dinner series of the same name that centers on Black culture and history,” wrote Time.

The greatest world places ranking is especially notable considering Philadelphians’ somewhat dim view of their own backyard.

Read more about the list in PhillyVoice.

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