‘America’s Got Talent’ Vocal Trio, Including Plumstead Tenor Liam Fennecken, Falls Flat in Quarterfinals

Image via America's Got Talent at Facebook.
AGT contestants T.3, with Liam Fennecken, of Plumstead, Bucks County on the left.
Liam Fennecken (foreground) thanks AGT fans for their support; Fennecken is a native of Bucks County.
Image via Facebook.

The professional singer career arc of Liam Fennecken, of Plumstead, has returned to earth. His shot at stardom, as part of vocal group T.3, ended in the America’s Got Talent (AGT) quarterfinals. Jason Addy covered the local competitor for the Doylestown Patch.

Fennecken and his two fellow vocalists started small. They practiced in the hallway of one of their homes, sharpening their sound and navigating intricate harmonies.

Their debut performance — singing a three-part version of “Into the Unknown” from Disney’s Frozen II — was a wow.

Judge Simon Cowell gushed, “The leads are amazing. Great, great, great audition.”

In their next appearance in the quarter finals, however, things weren’t so harmonious.

Their selection, Olivia Rodrigo’s “good 4 u,” didn’t connect universally with the four judges (they split opinions 2:2). And then, they didn’t curry enough goodwill among audience voters to stay in the competition.

Regardless, Fennecken is grateful for the opportunity to compete on national television.

“We are super proud of what we accomplished, and we are absolutely stoked to get to work and perform for as many people across the globe that will listen,” Fennecken wrote on Facebook.

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