Penn Foundation/St. Luke’s Merger Brings a Partner That ‘Shone a Light’ on Substance Abuse Efforts

St. Luke, Penn Foundation Merger
Image via The Stone House Group.

Penn Foundation, the Sellersville-based behavioral health provider, merged with St. Luke’s University Health Network (SLUHN), effective July 1. Its 25 treatment centers, which serve approximately 20,000 individuals annually, join St. Luke’s network of 12 hospitals and 300 outpatient sites. WFMZ 69 News reported the business’ unification.

Penn Foundation has a long and proud history of providing outstanding and compassionate care based on the most recent science and research. All of us at St. Luke’s are honored and pleased Penn Foundation will be joining our network,” said Rick Anderson, President & CEO of St. Luke’s.

Wayne A. Mugrauer, who will reportedly remain President of St. Luke’s Penn Foundation, said, “Penn Foundation is fortunate to be well-positioned to make this strategic change for the future health of our community. Joining St. Luke’s University Health Network assures continued regional access to high-quality behavioral healthcare that is fully integrated with general medicine.”

The St. Luke’s Penn Foundation partnership was unanimously approved last fall by the former’s Board of Trustees and the latter’s Board of Directors. Various agencies gave their regulatory approvals following the votes, and the entities completed the melding process this spring.

Now that Penn Foundation is part of St. Luke’s, SLUHN operates the largest nonprofit network of in- and outpatient behavioral health services in eastern Pennsylvania.

More on this healthcare merger is at WFMZ 69 News.

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