Invo Healthcare, Doylestown, Defines Standard of Care Protocols for Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder


Invo Healthcare, Doylestown
Image via Nicole Mays at Creative Commons.

Invo Healthcare, in collaboration with Magellan Healthcare (Phoenix, AZ), is working to define standards of care for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) whose treatment is applied behavioral analysis (ABA).

ABA is a newer regimen whose success rate is difficult to assess, given the heavy reliance on long-term monitoring by caregivers. Nearly half of families caring for a child with ASD require help managing the emotional, physical, and financial implications of the diagnosis.

The project looks to establish a value-based care model to define ABA treatment standards and then benchmark against them. Company representatives say the result will be better care and improved outcomes.

Invo CEO Anthony Manley says, “Delivering quality care that drives the best possible outcomes for children with autism is paramount.

“Over the past several years, we have prioritized the development and testing of proprietary tools, including data-driven protocols, standards of care, and progress monitoring capabilities. These tools are designed to empower clinicians to deliver optimal outcomes for our families and partners.

“We are enthusiastic to … drive results for their members and our families.”

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