Philadelphia’s Ongoing, Long-Term Inferiority Complex: It’s Time to ‘Get Oudda Here Wit Dat’

Philadelphia inferiority complex
Image via Peter Miller at Creative Commons.
It's time for Philadelphia to get over its inferiority complex.

Despite the deeply ingrained inferiority complex among Philadelphians, the City of Brotherly Love is attracting people from America’s most populated and popular cities. And they love it here, writes Jo Piazza for Philadelphia Magazine.

Philadelphia saw an influx of new residents during the pandemic, with an estimated 7,500 people moving here just from New York City alone. This migration has pushed housing prices up, but residences still remain relatively affordable compared with other popular cities nationwide.

The city has a booming restaurants sector, gorgeous public art, and a vibrant tech scene, among other advantages.

But most important, people like to talk to each other here. They’re refreshingly candid about what is going on both in and around the city. This openness is in complete contrast to most other popular cities nationwide.

“I moved to Philly because I love it, because it has a soul, because community here is more than a buzzword and a marketing tool, because the people are hilarious, because they love sarcasm and don’t flinch when I drop an F-bomb into a polite conversation,” wrote Piazza.

It is time all Philadelphians woke up and realized just how amazing our city is!

Read more about Philadelphia’s advantages in Philadelphia Magazine.

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