Quakertown School Board Votes to Expand Kindergarten Without Raising Property Taxes

Quakertown Community School District full-day kindergarten
Image via Natalie at Pexels.

Full-day kindergarten will be phased into the Quakertown Community School District. Its inclusion is meant to counter the present parental tactic of accessing this early education elsewhere. Better still, the curriculum comes with no associated rise in property taxes, reports Jeff Ward for 69 News WFMZ. 

The passage of the proposal to expand the district’s kindergarten program came after the consideration of teacher salaries analysis of several implementation options. The route chosen will see it gradually introduced over the coming years. 

Given an evolutionary approach toward full-day instruction, parents need to consider that there will no guarantee of spots for this coming September’s session. In addition, the “nearest” school to a family’s location may not have the capacity to take every local child interested in attending, at least for the first year. 

Information on what the specific schools will offer is on the district website

The best news of the meeting revolved around paying for this kindergarten — and the rest of the district’s scholastics as well. 

The 2021-2022 budget of $1,117.9 million ($1 million less than the 2020-2021 budget) will be funded without an increase in real estate taxes. This is the second year with no rise in taxation rates for education. 

More on the agenda of the Quakertown Community School District meeting is at 69 News WFMZ

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