First-Time Homeowners Relocating to the Suburbs Show Strong PA Preference over NJ

Image via Richard Ricciardi at Creative Commons.

First time homeowners relocating from the Philadelphia cityscape have a tough choice to make among the “collar counties” that include Bucks County and the neighborhoods of New Jersey, according to a staff report from Houwzer

Analytics from show that 77 percent of fledgling suburban house purchasers prefer this side of the Delaware River to that one, for several reasons. 

Nature lovers can enjoy nearby forests, valleys, streams and glens, which some find preferable to the relative flat landscape of South Jersey. PA’s burbs also seem to offer more in the way of interesting architecture, covering everything from contemporary chic to “veddy” Victorian. 

Public transportation is another plus. SEPTA’s network of trains and buses are reliable and green, and PA’s little towns are invitingly walkable, advantages to both environmentally minded millennials to grandparent baby boomers piloting tots in strollers. Bucks County centers that are foot-traffic friendly include Quakertown, Newtown and Bristol. 

And as far as taxes go, the average resident who is employed and owns a property is likely to pay lower taxes in Pennsylvania than in New Jersey. However, that advantage may be offset by cost of living and home prices, whose more-affordable edge goes to New Jersey. 

Read more about the current PA/NJ house-buying decision in Houwzer

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