Doylestown Medical Device Company Sells More than a Million Syringes, Easing Those Aching Knees

TriVisc syringes, OrthogenRx, Inc.
Image via OrthogenRx, Inc. at LinkeIn.

Syringe sales of its TriVisc syringes bolstered the bottom line of Doylestown’s OrthogenRx, Inc., throughout the first half of 2021. 

The medical device company doesn’t supply them for COVID-19 vaccinations. Its product line instead focused on the 14 million U.S. adults with osteoarthritic knees. 

OrthogenRx used multiple sales channels and partnerships to market its syringes. Their uses include prescribed three-week injections of Hyaluronic Acid into the patients’ aching knees. The treatment ameliorates pain that fails to respond to therapies and simple analgesics like acetaminophen. 

The company’s recent business model has been highly flexible, owing to the pandemic. Creative approaches eased many patients’ financial burdens and met their needs for technological diagnostics rather than in-person visits. 

“The trends around telemedicine, delivery of care and patient engagement strategies are changing at a rapid pace,” said Michael Daley, PhD, OrthogenRx Co-President, Co-CEO, and Founder. “OrthogenRx has been applying unique and creative solutions since its inception. The strength of our team has always been the ability to quickly pivot and adapt to a changing market.  It has been particularly rewarding to reap the fruit of our ongoing efforts, while at the same time increase patient access.” 

The company expects to continue a straight-line, upward growth trajectory for 2021-2022. 

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