Yardley’s Crown Holdings, Inc., Ranks as One of the Nation’s Top Ten Climate Change Performers

Crown Holdings, Inc. sustainability report
Image via Crown Holdings, Inc. at LinkedIn.
Crown Holding's report on internal sustainability measures, which precipitated its national recognition.

3BL Media, a content distributor promoting environmental governance, has placed Crown Holdings, Inc., on its 2021 100 Best Corporate Citizens list. The ninth-place ranking results from the company’s ongoing efforts to stem climate change. 

Crown is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of packaging products and equipment for consumer and industrial products. Its packaging includes steel and aluminum cans for food, beverage, and household goods.

In assessing corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG), 3BL Media examined the 1,000 largest U.S. public companies. It applied 146 factors that included: 

  • Employees 
  • Climate change and environment 
  • Stakeholders and society 
  • Human rights 
  • ESG performance 
  • Governance 
  • Financial 

Crown’s achievement recognized its work in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption levels around the globe. 

The honor also considered Crown’s forward-thinking mindset. Crown has launched a “Twentyby30” initiative, committing to a 50-percent drop in fuel and electricity consumption by 2020. Longer term, the firm plans a 100 percent use of renewable electricity by 2050. 

“Being a good corporate citizen is a critical part of who we are and how we operate on a global scale,” said Dr. John M. Rost, Vice President, Global Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs at Crown. 

“To continue to do our part, we have taken bold steps to bring our sustainability performance to the next level, including accelerating our activity around climate action. This recognition demonstrates that the roadmap we have outlined can effect meaningful change.” 

More on Crown’s sustainability progress is available online

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