Bucks County Is Supplying a Resource That Every Small Business Can Use: Start-up Funding

Small business funding Bucks County
Image via Ketut Subiyanto at Pexels.

Bucks County is offering a tangible leg-up to startup businesses. Best of all, the only requirement for being considered for it is to ask, as noted in a recent item in Bucks Local News. 

Under its Bucks Built program, the county is offering five $25,000 investments in fledgling businesses. The capital injections are funded by the county itself. Administration of the program comes from Startup Bucks, a local nonprofit. 

Interested companies must apply online, and the window closes June 30. 

Each selected entity receives not only the investment but also a year of partner advice, access to additional business resources, and mentoring services. 

The criteria include requirements for innovation, scalability, and an intention to remain Bucks County-centric for actions like hiring employees. In-county corporate residency applies only to the business’ founder, not necessarily its business address. 

“This program is a wonderful example of how business and government can work together,” said Bob Harvie, vice chair of the Board of Bucks County Commissioners. 

“Startup Bucks is doing great work helping entrepreneurs get started and connecting seasoned business owners with people just beginning. Those kinds of interactions help everyone succeed, and the county commissioners are excited about the role we can play in that small business development.” 

More on this entrepreneurial encouragement is at Bucks Local News. 

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