Bucks County Community Locks up Number Three Spot on List of Safest U.S. Towns

Buckingham Township safest in U.S.
Image via Buckingham Township.

Safewise, an analyzer of national crime and safety trends, has ranked the 100 safest towns in the U.S. Buckingham Township ranked third, behind two communities in Massachusetts.  

Data for the findings were culled from 2019 FBI crime report statistics, the most recent available. Analysts sifted only crime data, not other possible safety factors such as COVID-19 cases. 

The slice-and-dice of information centered on reported violent and property crimes. The former included incidents of assault and robbery; the latter covered burglary and motor vehicle theft. 

Buckingham Township was lauded for ending a year-long crime spree of car break-ins. Security cameras and multijurisdictional collaboration led to an arrest. The spree comprised smash-and-grab car thefts involving 1,000 vehicles across 23 different Pennsylvania and New Jersey towns. 

The three-year trend analysis of the safest towns nationwide reveals: 

  • A rise in violent crime of only 25 percent, representing less than one violent crime per 1,000 people 
  • A drop in property crime of nearly 18 percent 
  • 91 of the top 100 safe cities’ proximity (50 miles) to a major metropolitan area 
  • 65 towns in the northeastern U.S. 
  • New York and Boston with the safest U.S. suburbs; Philadelphia and Chicago are next 

More analysis of the safest towns in America is at Safewise

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