Mother Nature’s Springtime 2021 Infestations in Bucks County: Cicadas, Lanternflies, and Yet More Bears

Perkasie Borough black bear
Image via Brigitte at Pixabay.

The great outdoors in Bucks County this time of year are as inviting as ever. But there are a few clunkers amid Mother Nature’s late-spring gifts. Another bear — or perhaps two — has been spotted locally, reports Dan Stamm for NBC10. 

Perkasie Borough police responded this week to several black-bear sightings.  

“The first was for two bears in the area of Ridge Road,” police reported online at Crimewatch. “Subsequent sightings only observed one bear, and moved thru (sic) the borough, with the last sighting crossing Callowhill Street near Third Street in the direction of the creek.”  

The 8:30 p.m. reports led to a search that lasted until nightfall. Perkasie law enforcement also notified the Pennsylvania Game Commission.  

The National Park Service, with extensive ursine experience, has tips for safely navigating a bear encounter: 

  • Stand still; do not climb a tree (bears can climb) 
  • Speak calmly to the bear to signal that you are human, not prey 
  • Don’t scream 
  • Pick up your small children 
  • Move away slowly and sideways, always keeping sight of the bear 
  • Make yourself look as large as possible by standing on something nearby (a stump, a trashcan) or reaching higher ground 
  • Do not offer food 
  • Be especially wary of a female bear with cubs 

More on Bucks County’s latest unwanted visitor(s) is at NBC10

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