Lansdale Hero Serves Both Her Country and Community


Lansdale guardsman Jennifer Robertson has spent the last year serving both her country and community through her full-time nursing home job and two deployments with the Air National Guard, writes Rebeccah Hendrickson for 6abc.

When she was deployed to Djibouti, Africa, just ahead of the pandemic, Robertson did not expect to stay as long as she did.

“We didn’t know when we were going to get out,” she said. “It turned from it being 180 (days) to 200 and a lot.”

She was locked down the entire spring and summer due to the pandemic while the war against the coronavirus was also intensifying at home.

“I felt helpless,” she said.

In August, she finally returned home and within days was back to work at Brittany Pointe Estates in Lansdale, where the stress brought on by the pandemic was tangible.

However within months she was called to serve her country once again, to protect the US Capitol after the insurrection. That also lasted longer than expected, but this time just by weeks.

Now, with spring ushering in the rebirth, Robertson’s world feels safer.

“It’s a whole new game,” she said. “It’s a beautiful thing to witness too, the reopening.”

Read more about Jennifer Robertson in 6abc.

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