Bucks County’s Communities Make Advances in Beating Back COVID-19, Albeit Small Ones

Coronavirus in Bucks County
Image via CDC at Pexels.

The neighborhood-by-neighborhood effort to beat back COVID-19 infections in Bucks County is having an effect. But current results show something akin to putting out a fire with a kid’s water gun. 

An analysis of Bucks County ZIP Codes from the Pennsylvania Department of Health showed 537 new cases last week. This statistic is, on its face, encouraging, indicating a 20 percent infection decrease from the week prior.  

But results were better in March, before the good weather drew presumably residents outside and patience levels for masks and distancing might have been higher. 

This third week of April’s outbreaks countywide represents 32 more patients than the same week a month ago. 

The following statistics tell the tale of where new cases are cropping up: 

Area by ZIP CodeNew Cases: 04.23 to 04.29Current Total CasesRanking Last Week
1. Bensalem1045,1061
2. Levittown1035,60410
3. Warminster743,2563
4, Quakertown722,8682
5. Upper Holland512,4054
6. Yardley503,2205
7. Langhorne453,0056
8. Perkasie431,9217
9. Churchville413,0178
10. Bristol342,0169

Levittown’s spike from tenth to second in new cases was the only jump in the rankings. The remainder of the top ten showed progress, especially Quakertown.

Twenty-three communities stood stock-still in their progress toward ending the pandemic. They reported no advance of the spread, but no retreat, either. Among them were less-populated areas such as Durham, Springtown, Bedminster, Blooming Glen, Buckingham and Carversville. 

As indicated, cure-rates are inching along. This week, 15 ZIP Codes reported 1-10 new coronavirus infections. That’s two fewer county geographies than a week ago. 

Additional detail is at the PA Department of Health

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