In a Wawa Line Lately? Your Wardrobe May Have Made It on to ‘Mare of Easttown’


As Mare of Easttown continues to unfold on HBO, local viewers continue to look for images familiar to the area, like someone’s wardrobe, writes Michael Tanenbaum for Philly Voice.

Series writer Brad Ingelsby, a Berwyn native, and director Craig Zobel use the setting to help create a mood for the series.

Zobel said his team scouted Wawas to see what wardrobe folks around here wear.

“Our costume designer (Meghan Kasperlik) would constantly be texting me pictures from the Wawa convenience store, just of people in the line,” Zobel said.

Ingelsby, an Archbishop Carroll and Villanova University grad, said the goal was to display the dignity of the communities represented in fictional Easttown.

“I wanted the show to have a grittiness to it, to have an honesty to it, to have a realness to it,” he said. “These are people that get up every morning and go to jobs they don’t necessarily love, but they do it out of a sense of duty.

“So I wanted to portray these communities that exist and don’t often get any time on the screen in a way that was heroic and noble, and also really sympathetic.”

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