Tech Tips With Margaret: Exploring New Techniques for Interactive Learning from Afar


With many companies having to do layoffs over the last year it has often fallen to the remaining employees to pick up the slack. This means job roles have become blurred and workers are having to develop new skills to stay relevant.

Natasha Serafimovska of Raconteur discussed this, citing how the World Economic Forum is estimating that by 2025 there will be 44% of workers who will need to replace their current skills. Employers are aware of this but have struggled to figure out how to implement the necessary training when the workforce is scattered from the pandemic.

Virtual classes may sound like the simple solution, but as has been seen with many school age students, being virtual all day can burn a person out. People want to be engaged, and asking them to continue spending more time staring at the same computer screen could simply have them start tuning out.

One alternative examined has been virtual reality. The immersive nature of VR can put employees in simulations that actually allow them to practice firsthand what they have been taught. Naturally real life experience is ideal, but with circumstances what they are, VR is something being looked at as a decent compromise.

As experts and company managers are starting to understand, the important thing is about recognizing something new is needed.

“People used to think they had to be engaging and creative when talking to their consumers, but dull, dry and grey when communicating with their workforce,” said Tom Hall, chief executive at Contented Brothers Businesses. “Businesses are finally realizing their first audience, and the one that can have the biggest impact on their ambitions, is their own employees.”

To read more about how learning for employees is changing be sure to read Raconteur’s article here.


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