Second-Hand Doylestown Store Does First-Class Job at Restorations

Image Via Bucks County Herald.
Meghan and David Pierson, owners of Vintage Vibe in Doylestown.

Boomers joke that if you want to confuse a Millennial, ask him or her to make a call on a rotary phone. Or play an LP on a record player. But at Vintage Vibe in Doylestown, Millennials may fare just fine with these retro tasks, reports Freda R. Savana for the Bucks County Herald

That’s because this shop’s specialty is fusing antique pieces with modern-day tech. 

So that tabletop radio that looks like it should be airing Harry Kalas Phillies broadcasts instead houses a Bluetooth player suitable for listening to Cardi B. A cabinet-style television like the one that Mike and Carol Brady had in the family room can now stream WandaVision

Meghan and David Pierson launched the unique retro store five years ago. 

“We’re giving these vintage things a second life,” said Meghan. “Normally, they’d be stashed away in someone’s attic or in a dark corner of a basement.” 

“We take once useful things and attractive items that are now obsolete and return them to working order,” said David. “In many cases, we improve upon their functionality with modern innovations, like Bluetooth, so that they can be enjoyed in today’s homes.” 

The Piersons chose Doylestown for their store because it’s a “perfect fit,” said Meghan. “We love the look of the town, and we love getting to know everyone.” 

Read more about the Piersons and their retro resurrections in the Bucks County Heraldhere

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