Effort to Stem the Tide of COVID-19 Gets a Major Shot in the Arm from Doylestown Hospital

Image via Edwin J. Torres at Creative Commons

Based on the principles of supply and demand, Bucks County residents seeking a COVID-19 vaccine may have a little easier time of it, given the addition of 10,000 available appointment slots provided by Doylestown Hospital, reports CBSPhilly. 

But like anything else in short supply, residents will need to hop on this opportunity quickly. They’re likely to be gone in a shot. 

“It is our hope that these 10,000 new first doses — in conjunction with the efforts of other hospital, community pharmacies and the Bucks County Health Department vaccine clinics — will be another source of hope and protection for the community, in addition to the 35,000 doses Doylestown Health has already administered,” read a health system statement. 

The window of opportunity is March 29 to April 30, and further information on snagging an appointment through Doylestown is online

As a reminder, 1A vaccine candidates are limited to Bucks County residents who are: 

  • Living in a long-term care facility 
  • Working as healthcare personnel 
  • Age 65 or older 
  • Between 16-64 years old with a high-risk condition such as: 
    • Cancer 
    • Kidney disease
    • COPD 
    • Heart conditions 
    • Compromised immunity 
    • Obesity 
    • Pregnancy 
    • Sickle cell disease
    • Tobacco use
    • Type 2 diabetes mellitus 

Additional information is available at CBSPhilly

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