Upskilling or Reskilling? Start with a WilmU Dual-Credit Certificate®

Wilmington’s dual-credit certificates add flexibility to your education and career, allowing you to earn credits that go towards certifications as well as your degree.

Going back to school this year? Take a smart step toward your educational goals with a WilmU Dual-Credit Certificate®.

Wilmington University’s certificate programs are an affordable, accessible option for expanding your education. Whether you’re a career starter, climber or changer, a certificate can build your resumé and benefit your career at any stage of your professional life.

Plus, WilmU makes it easy to apply, enroll, and attend classes. Here are 10 ways a WilmU certificate program can help you reach your educational goals.

1. Choose your path. WilmU currently offers certificates in more than 70 subject areas to match your career path and academic interests, from small business management and health information technology to special education and graphic design. Many can be completed in as little as one year, and most can be completed entirely online.

2. Find career opportunities. WilmU’s certificate programs offer convenient, focused education for working learners. Whether you’re looking to advance in an evolving field, re-enter the workplace, or explore the possibility of a career change, certificates provide a manageable option for upgrading skill sets or acquiring additional training.

3. Add value to a degree For bachelor’s and master’s degree holders, career-oriented certificates in specialized subjects allow you to customize your degree and stand out in a competitive job market. Since many certificates include courses required by related degree programs, students can often earn them without adding time or expense to their studies.

4. Build a degree from a certificate. Our Dual-Credit Certificate programs enable students to apply the same credit hours they’ve earned through a certificate toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a related subject, if they choose to continue their WilmU education. This “stackable education” option is available in all of WilmU’s colleges.

5. Accelerate an advanced degree. Certain certificates, when earned in conjunction with a bachelor’s degree, can even accelerate your master’s degree studies. In the College of Technology, for instance, a student who fulfills a bachelor’s degree’s elective requirements with the courses that make up the Technology Project Management certificate can reduce the course load, and the cost, for a master’s degree in Information Systems Technologies.

6. Gain some exposure. Even high school graduates can benefit from WilmU’s certificate programs. Those who aren’t yet ready to commit to a degree program, but recognize the value of gaining career-oriented skills upon entering the workforce, may find our Dual-Credit Certificates useful stepping stones to employment or college degrees.

7. Learn from experience. The courses that constitute WilmU’s certificate programs are taught by the same instructors who teach the University’s degree programs, experienced professionals and active practitioners who bring real-world lessons and cutting-edge insights to the classroom.

8. Learn close to home. With classrooms throughout Delaware and South Jersey, and most certificates available entirely online, WilmU makes it possible for you to attend the classes you need wherever you are.

9. Study on your schedule. Daytime, evening and weekend classes, as well as semester, block and modular schedules offer you the flexibility to pursue your studies on your schedule. Classes begin every eight weeks, allowing you to choose from six start times per year for most academic programs.

10. Apply today! WilmU does not require standardized test scores, such as the SAT, ACT or GRE, for enrollment. Our open admissions policy is one of the many ways that WilmU makes education accessible to all learners. Ready to choose your certificate?


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Learn more about WilmU’s degree or Certificate options here or register to attend one of the school’s frequent graduate degree overview webinars.

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