Career Corner: Philly Fed’s New Occupational Mobility Explorer Paves Path to 257 Higher Paying Careers

Occupational Mobility Explorer, a new online tool launched by Federal Reserve Banks of Philadelphia and Cleveland last month lays, out a path to a higher paying career for low-income job seekers.

The new online tool launched by Federal Reserve Banks of Philadelphia and Cleveland last month could pave a path to a more lucrative career for job seekers, writes Ezequiel Minaya for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Occupational Mobility Explorer matches the skills a worker uses in a low-paying job with those required by better-paying positions.



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The online database is the product of a research report published in June that looked at the country’s 33 largest labor markets.

The study determined that the skills needed for 49 percent lower-wage jobs pair up with similar but higher-paying jobs within the same labor market.

For example, by using the tool, a bill collector in the Philadelphia area would discover they possess many of the skills required for the position as a credit counselor – a job that pays around 45 percent more.

Researchers found about 4,100 top transitions, or pairings of jobs that ask for similar skills in the same labor market but one of them pays at least 10 percent more. In the Philadelphia area, these include information on transitions for 257 occupations.

Read more about the Occupational Mobility Explorer at The Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.


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