Sixty-Four-Year-Old Loss of a Conshohocken Grocer Is a Case Never Solved — and Likely to Stay That Way

store of Samuel Reidenberg
Image via Conshohocken Murder Mystery at Conshystuff.
Samuel Reidenberg's Faytte Street grocery.

On Jan. 17, 1959, Conshohocken grocer Samuel Reidenberg was robbed of a significant sum. But the three thieves weren’t content just taking the funds; they also took Reidenberg’s life. The case has never been solved, as remembered and republished by Jack Col at Conshystuff.

The original account of this unfortunate case was contained in a book, Conshohocken Murder Mystery.

The gruesome crime took place in the early hours of a winter morning.

Reidenberg was robbed of a sum estimated at $1,200–$1,500, a sizeable amount in today’s valuation, roughly a factor of 10.

He was victimized in an alley behind the store, between Fayette and Harry streets.

Reidenberg was locking up and preparing to return to his Bala Cynwyd home and his wife and two children.

It’s theorized that the thugs new of his routine and lie in wait for him to exit. They took his week’s receipts, beat him viciously, and left.

Reidenberg was found the next day. From his momentary semiconsciousness, he told his rescuers he had been attacked by three men. They were his final words.

Suspects and rewards spooled out over the ensuing years. Leads emerged; leads fizzled.

Subsequent Conshohocken chiefs of police vowed to keep the investigation ongoing.

And as recently as 2014, work was proceeding to solve it.

Thus far, however, the efforts have yielded nothing.

More on this Conshohocken grocer’s unsolved demise is at Conshystuff.


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