Pennsylvania Ranks Near Top of List of Best States for Adventure Seekers

Image via Jack Frost Big Boulder Ski Resort.
Pennsylvania came fourth on the list of the best states for adventure travel in 2021, according to the new adventure index published by Outforia.

Thanks to its many amazing outdoor destinations and a plethora of extreme sports options, Pennsylvania is an ideal place to visit for travelers who are looking to experience a true adventure, according to a new study published by Outforia.

Outforia compiled the list of best states for adventure seekers in 2021 by comparing the number of available activities across ten main categories.

These include rock climbing routes, hiking trails, and skydiving drop zones.

In fact the Keystone State came in overall as the fourth best state for adrenalin junkies with a score of 44.37.

The state boasts 2,884 rocking climbing routes, 2,218 hiking trails, and 294 mountain biking trails. There are also 223 kayaking spots, 25 ski resorts, and 17 zip lines. And for those looking for even more action, Pennsylvania offers 12 caving grottos, 5 skydiving drop zones, and one hang gliding location.

The only category where the state is noticeably lacking in outdoor activities is surfing sports.

According to the list, the best state for adventure travel in 2021 is California, followed by Colorado and New York.

Read more about the best states for adventure seekers at the Outforia here.

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