Barstool Sports Founder Rates Lucatelli’s and Peppino’s Tomato Pies, Sparks Pizza Frenzy in Doylestown and Chalfont

Barstool Sports and One Bite founder David Portnoy with owner of Peppino's
Image via Peppion's Tomato Pies.
David Portnoy recently visited to two local pizza places, Lucatelli's Pizzeria and Peppino's Tomato Pies in Chalfont.

David Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports and One Bite Pizza, has recently ignited a pizza craze in Bucks County following his visits to two local pizza places, Lucatelli’s Pizzeria in Doylestown and Peppino’s Tomato Pies and South Philly-style Sandwiches in Chalfont, writes Damon Williams for the Bucks County Courier Times.  

Portnoy, known as “El Presidente,” reviewed Peppino’s tomato pie, giving it a 7.8 rating and appreciating its style despite being a bit messy. This score followed an 8.3 rating on the One Bite website and app. 

His visit to Peppino’s was hot on the heels of his stop at Lucatelli’s Pizzeria. The visits have led to a surge in business for these establishments, with both facing long lines and even running out of stock. 

Portnoy’s influence was so significant that Lucatelli’s had to apologize for delays and implement new processes to manage the demand. 

Meanwhile, Peppino’s experienced lines out the door and had to close early due to running out of dough. 

Portnoy, who founded Barstool Sports in 2004, has become a prominent figure in sports and cultural commentary. 

His “One Bite Reviews” of pizzas across the country have garnered a significant following. 

Read more about the stellar reviews of Peppino’s Tomato Pies and Lucatelli’s Pizzeria causing Bucks County pizza craze in the Bucks County Courier Times.  

Barstool Pizza Review – Peppino’s Tomato Pies

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