Sellersville Company Creates an ‘Elevated Architectural Aesthetic’ Through Metalforming

A metal roof done by Helix Metalforming
Image via Helix Metalforming.
The company in Sellersville has been working to create beautiful roofs for decades.

A company in Sellersville has been creating unique architecture in and around the Bucks County area for over five decades.

Helix Metalforming, located at 1020 Anna Lane, has been working to create custom metalforming for buildings for the last 50 years. Specializing in aluminum, zinc, and copper exterior roof panels, wall panels, trims, gutters, and crown molding, the business has helped to add a unique flare to new buildings around the area through “an elevated architectural aesthetic”.

“Many property owners are choosing metal crown molding products to complete their building projects,” the company said on its official website.

“We have the ability to both create and recreate a wide variety of custom profiles in a multitude of colors and materials that allow you to restore your property to its original beauty or add character to a new building project.”

With many new and old buildings in Philadelphia being beautified with the company’s unique metalforming, the company is helping to bring a spectacular aesthetic into the City of Brotherly Live.

Learn more about the company’s methods for creating amazing roofing and other services at Helix Metalforming.


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