Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company to Host Release Party, Horror Movie Screening for New Beer

A Jack-o-Lantern with a pint of beer next to it
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The brewery in Croydon created the beer to benefit the legacy of a major horror filmmaker.

A popular brewery in Croydon will be hosting a frightful release party for a new beer, made in collaboration with a major foundation.

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company, located at 909 Ray Avenue, will be releasing another new beer, “Jawn of the Dead”, on Sept. 16. That same day will see festivities being held at the Croydon-based brewery beginning at 5 PM, with several vendors on the premises and a screening of the movie “Creepshow” to be held.

The movie was one of several well-known works of filmmaker George A. Romero, whose infamous “Dawn of the Dead” serves as the inspiration for the new beer. The event, along with proceeds from the sale of the beer, will go on to benefit the George A. Romero Foundation, an organization dedicated to preserving its namesake’s works and rare film footage from early in his career.

Considered to be one of the quintessential horror film creators, “Creepshow” and “Dawn of the Dead” are just two of his well-known works. The filmmaker, who passed away in 2017, was also known for “The Night of the Living Dead”, “The Crazies”, and “Monkey Shines”, among other horror classics.

Learn more about the new beer and Romero’s legacy at Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company.


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