Doylestown Museum Showcases New Exhibit of Native American Art, Artifacts

A Lenni Lenape tapestry
Image via Michener Art Museum.
The art museum in Doylestown is showing the artwork of the Native Americans who once lived in the area.

An art museum in Doylestown is telling the story of the area’s Native American inhabitants through an immersive gallery.

The Michener Art Museum, located at 138 S Pine Street, began its latest art exhibit on Sept. 9. “Never Broken: Visualizing Lenape Histories” delves into the long history of the Lenni Lenape, a Native American tribe that was once the main inhabitants of what is now Bucks County.

The exhibition features recent and newly commissioned work by Ahchipaptunhe (Delaware Tribe of Indians and Cherokee), Joe Baker (Delaware Tribe of Indians), Holly Wilson (Delaware Nation and Cherokee), and Nathan Young (Delaware Tribe of Indians, Pawnee, and Kiowa). The works, new and old, tell the story of the original inhabitants of the area.

“Through a focus on Lenape art and culture and a critical examination of historical visualizations of Native and EuropeanAmerican relationships, Never Broken demonstrates the ways in which art can create, challenge, and rewrite history.”

The exhibit will run until Jan. 14 of next year.

Learn more about the new exhibit and the Lenni Lenape at the Michener Art Museum.


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