Jenkintown Native’s Smash Burger Tacos Are a Viral Hit

smash burger tacos
mage via Jersey Girl Grill.

When Kristin Mailhiot, a Jenkintown native who owns a Long Beach Island cafe called the Jersey Girl Grill, started tinkering with her own version of smash burger tacos, she had no idea the tasty creation would have customers coming in droves to her café.

When describing it, she said “it’s like a Big Mac on a taco,” writes Cecilia Levine for Daily Voice.

Mailhiot, who opened Jersey Girl Grill on Long Beach Boulevard 16 years ago with her husband Shawn, launched the new menu item this summer and immediately received a lot of interest in the recipe both online and in real life after she posted a photo of the taco on Instagram.

“I had people emailing and calling — grandmothers coming in asking for it,” she said. “It’s one of those things that spans all age groups. Kids come on lunch dates with their grandma, and both get the same thing and enjoy it. It’s definitely taken off.”

So what exactly is in a smash burger taco?

According to the videos trending on social media, ground meat is smashed down on the grill and cooked underneath a tortilla. Then the meat and tortilla are grilled on both sides, giving it a crispy texture.

The taco is topped off with lettuce, pickles, cheese and Mailhoit’s secret sauce.

“Everyone loves a taco and everyone loves a burger,” said Mailhiot.

“I made mine a little more every day, and we’ve gone from there. It’s been a huge success for us.”

Read more about the Jenkintown Native in the Daily Voice.


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