Five High-Paying Jobs That Might Surprise You  

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It can be hard to find high-paying jobs and competition for positions with six figures can be fierce. However, there are some high-earning careers that could surprise you, according to Jenny Powers for Entrepreneur.  

Court Reporter 

Average annual salary: $70,290 

A person in this position is responsible for transcribing pretrial and trial proceedings. An associate degree or three-year court-reporting certification is required.  

Trader Joe’s Captain  

Average annual salary: $104,756 

The captain leads and develops the strategy of the store. A bachelor’s degree in hospitality or retail is preferred, along with managerial experience.  

Elevator/Escalator Installer & Repairer 

Average annual salary: $93,960  

This technician job is responsible for installing, assembling and repairing elevators in escalators in retail, residential, medical, or cultural spaces. A high-school diploma and technician skllls, along with an apprenticeship is required.  

Bingo Manager 

Average annual salary: $70,241 

Overseeing bingo games at a game hall or casino in compliance with regulations can earn an individual up to $112,599 a year.  

Truck Driver 

Average annual salary: $95,000 

Transporting goods across several states for various retailers, or companies can earn you a pretty decent salary. A high-school diploma, commercial driver’s license and a driver-training course.  

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