Doylestown Museum to Kick Off Series on Bucks County’s Most Infamous Gang Next Month

A sign describing the Doan gang
Image via Cabin Communications.
The gang once roamed the Bucks County area, committing crimes in several townships and boroughs.

An upcoming lecture series will discuss an infamous gang that once roamed around and caused havoc in Bucks County.

The Mercer Museum, located in Doylestown, will be kicking off a four-part series “Royal Refugees: The Doan Gang of Bucks County” on Sept. 17 with “Royal Refugees: Join or Die”, focusing on the formation of the infamous gang.

The gang was a group of British loyalists, the most notorious members being five brothers and one cousin from the Doan family of Plumstead.

“This surprising tale of the American Revolution focuses on exploring the multi-faceted story of the Doan Gang, and highlights their deep passions and commitment to the King of England, their criminal activities, and the resulting conflicts that arose among neighbors, friends, and family as they were forced to choose sides in a conflict many didn’t want,” the museum said online.

“These in-person Mercer Museum programs are designed to be enjoyed as a complete series, as they tell the story of the Doan Gang chronologically.”

Learn more about the lectures at the Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle.


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