Delaware Valley University Offering Cannabis Specialization and Certificate Program

Professor Danielle Bowman standing next to a chart
Image via Delaware Valley University.
Research Assistant Danielle Bowman presented research at the PA Hemp Summit.

In response to the increasing demand for employees with specialized training in cannabis production and agribusiness, Delaware Valley University’s department of Plant Science, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Science offers a Horticulture major with a specialization in Cannabis for students desiring a four-year degree, or a stand-alone 17-credit one-year certificate in Cannabis.

The university’s program, unlike most other cannabis programs available today, takes an educational approach that includes a strong, science based, theoretical foundation complemented by experiential learning and training opportunities with cutting-edge technologies that include several hands-on laboratory exercises throughout the curriculum.

The Cannabis Research Program is led by Dr. Carla Garzon, K.H. Littlefield Endowed Professor of Plant Science, and is focused on diverse aspects of controlled environment and field hemp production and processing, as well as manufacturing hemp derived products. 

Hemp is a multipurpose crop defined by the U.S. Congress as cannabis varieties that have no intoxicating effects, since they only contain residual amounts (0.3% or less in dry weight) of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main cannabis chemical with psychoactive effects on humans.

Learn more about this and other programs offered at Delaware Valley University.

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