Man Just Outside of Bucks County Wins $200k in New Jersey’s Scratch-Off Game

Lottery balls
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The lucky winner bought the lottery ticket at a local tobacco shop.

Brian Kohler from nearby Trenton has emerged as the first major winner of “The Jersey Debate,” New Jersey’s captivating Scratch-Off game, writes Jessica Woods for the Shore News Network.

The win came as an amazing surprise for Kohler on his birthday. He decided to buy a Scratch-Off ticket during his daily commute to work. Once he scratched the ticket, he used the state’s lottery app to check its status. He was stunned when the display showed a prize of $200,000.

He then immediately called his wife to tell her what had happened, but she did not believe him at first, thinking he was teasing her. However once reality set in, the couple celebrated the win together.

The first thing Kohler wants to do with the winnings is replace his trusty 23-year-old Chevrolet Suburban with a newer model. Other than that, he plans to use the unexpected funds wisely and direct them toward the well-being of his family and to use for his retirement.

“The Jersey Debate” is a $5 name-that-breakfast-meat Scratch-Off. Kohler is the first player to win the top prize of $200,000.

Read more about the game in the Shore News Network.


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