Iconic Painting ‘George Washington Crossing the Delaware’ Celebrates American Leadership

Image via The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Public Domain).
The painting depicts a scene that took place in Bucks County.

The iconic painting “George Washington Crossing the Delaware” by Emanuel Leutze depicts General George Washington on a boat as he is leading his troops in a surprise attack across the Delaware River, writes for The Indian Express.

However it is the American flag that waves gallantly overhead that resonates most deeply with many observers and continues to evoke intense patriotism.

The famous work painted in the mid-19th century has since become a symbol of American courage and determination.

The painter, who was born in Germany, had a passion for history. He also wanted to inspire liberal reforms in his homeland, which led him to create many historical paintings. But it was his depiction of George Washington’s journey across the Delaware River from Washington Crossing that captured the attention of the world.

To this date, the monumental painting that is 12.4 by 21.3 feet serves as a testament of the artist’s commitment to capturing pivotal moments across the world that has shaped both nations and individuals.

Read more about the painting in The Indian Express.


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