Bucks County Woman Celebrates Her 90th Birthday With a Nine-Mile Hike

Image via WFMZ-69 News.
The local woman wanted to celebrate her birthday in the most fun way she could imagine.

A woman from Bucks County just celebrated a major milestone in her life by doing what she loves: hiking in the great outdoors. Karin Mallett wrote about the birthday hike for WFMZ-69 News.

Mary Ann, a resident of Bucks County, recently celebrated her 90th birthday. Rather than sit around at a party, she decided to go on a nine-mile hike through Hawk Mountain in Berks County. The journey involved a one-thousand-foot climb of the pulpit rock and pinnacle loop of the mountain with a few of her friends.

Her love of hiking came later in life, when, at the age of 60, she read a book from her local library on the subject of the Appalachian Trail. Having never hiked in her life, she began that year and has been hiking ever since.

Over the years, Mary Ann has enjoyed the hiking trails of Pennsylvania and beyond, even accruing a few rites of passage for the most avid outdoor travelers, one of which saw her hiking boot stolen by a bear. According to her, on instinct, she followed the bear and got it back.

She is also an avid biker, riding at least six miles every morning.

Learn more about Mary Ann’s birthday trek at WFMZ-69 News.


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