Rare Einstein Letter on Creation of the Universe on Sale in Ardmore

Albert Einstein
Image via iStock.
The Bern Historical Museum and Einstein Museum.

The Raab Collection in Ardmore is selling a personal letter written by Albert Einstein where he argues against the biblical version of the creation, writes Richa Karmarka for The Washington Post.

The rare letter was written on April 11, 1950, to Martha Munk, the wife of a well-known German rabbi in answer to a question from a group of Jewish students in the U.S. Michael Munk was one of the leading voices of Orthodox Jews at the time.

The letter is valued at $125,000. In it, Einstein wrote that a scientist cannot believe in the Torah’s creation story of Genesis because science “replaces and supersedes” it.

“The feeling that I get when I see something like this, which is so personally and so scientifically evocative of the great 20th-century debate, from the pen of Albert Einstein, is just pure excitement,” said Nathan Raab, president of the Raab Collection and author of “The Hunt for History.”

Read more about the letter in The Washington Post.


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