Yardley Makefield Emergency Unit Receives $1,000 Check from Local Community Event

emergency unit
Imager via Yardley Makefield Emergency Unit.
The emergency unit received the donation from a local organization.

An emergency unit in Bucks County has received a donation to assist in their operations, the funds of which came from a local community event.

The Yardley Makefield Emergency Unit recently received a check for $1,000, which came from the annual Yardley Harvest Day community event. The event has been a regular occurrence in Yardley since the late 1960s. Almost every year, locals and visitors to the area gather for a day of fun, food, and music.

“Last we week we were the proud recipient of a very generous donation from the proceeds of Yardley Harvest Day!” the emergency unit said online.

“We would like to thank this organization for thinking of us, it is greatly appreciated!”

The emergency unit is one of several organizations that works to ensure the safety of all residents of the area.

“The mission and purpose of The Yardley Makefield Emergency Unit is to provide quality ambulance service to our community and to promote health and safety awareness within it,” their official website reads.

Learn more about the recent donation at the Yardley Makefield Emergency Unit.


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