Rain, Rain, Go Away: See Where Bucks County Ranks in Precipitation Rates

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The county ranked high on the list of areas with the most precipitation.

When it comes to rain, several areas in Pennsylvania are known for staying damp, and Bucks County ranks fairly high on the list. Staff writers at ABC27 wrote about the county’s ranking.

Stacker recently used data and weather patterns to determine the 50 counties in the state that has the most precipitation, as well as how the areas retained water in the soil and air.

Bucks County ranked #12 out of the 50 wettest counties in Pennsylvania. The rankings are determined by several factors, such as the areas’ five-year precipitation average, precipitation over the past year, and precipitation compared to 1901-2000 average.

Of those factors, Bucks County has a five-year precipitation average of 51.80 inches, 45.17 inches of precipitation over the past year, and 0.27 inches below the norm of precipitation compared to 1901-2000 average.

At the top of the list, Monroe Country ranked as the wettest in the state, and Cumberland County ranked as the least wet.

Read more about the rankings at ABC27.


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