Langhorne Resident Offers Insight Into How Younger Generations Eat Today

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One trend is seeing Mexican dishes, such as the one pictured above, trump traditional cuisine amongst younger generations.

A resident of Bucks County has shared his opinions on current food trends and what he thinks the younger generations are craving. Alfred Lubrano wrote about the local resident for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Eating habits of young generations are changing compared to their parents and grandparents, and Jacob Noble, a 24-year-old guitar teacher from Langhorne who loves Italian food, feels that every day.

Instead of going to an Italian restaurant with him, as he hopes, “they go for Mexican or Chinese.”

Italian cuisine is “for eating sitting down,” he said. “Mexican and Chinese have more dishes that fit better with young people’s grab-and-go culture. The only portable Italian is pizza.”

In addition, Mexican food is easily shareable.

“Nachos are communal,” said Noble. “And way more affordable.”

The numbers support his conclusion. Newly released findings from Datassential, restaurant-trend trackers, found that millennials and those in Generation Z are the first ones to name Mexican and Chinese as their favorite cuisines, bringing to a stop a decades-long pattern of Americans preferring Italian food.

Read more about the food habits of younger generations in The Philadelphia Inquirer.


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