Historic Tavern, a Popular Spot in Quakertown, Continues Search for a New Owner

Image via Google Maps.
The tavern has been around longer than the United States of America.

A property in Bucks County, which predates a large portion of the country’s history, is continuing its search for a new owner. Sandy Smith wrote about the property for Philadelphia Magazine.

The Raven’s Nest, located at 625 Old Bethlehem Road in Quakertown, has operated as a tavern since 1750. As one of the oldest and continuously-operating taverns in the United States, the property has recently gone up for sale for $1.25 million.

A long-standing favorite among residents of Haycock Township, the tavern was purportedly a regular spot for the Doan Gang, a group of Quakers that became notorious outlaws during the American Revolution.

Like many older buildings in the county, the property is a living piece of American history that countless people have enjoyed their time in.

Offering food and drinks for almost three centuries, the bar has remained a piece of Pennsylvania history. Now, residents and visitors to the area are hoping the next tenants will continue to use the property as a tavern.

Read more about the property at Philadelphia Magazine.


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