In an Unusual Turn of Events, a Boat Blocks Traffic on Route 1 in Bucks County

Image via Trevose Fire Company.
The boat held up traffic on Route 1.

There was an unusual sight in Bucks County yesterday as a boat that fell off a tow truck blocked traffic on Route 1 in Bensalem, writes David Chang for NBC10 Philadelphia.

The boat was towed during the afternoon along the northbound lanes. When it fell off, it blocked both lanes on the Route 1 northbound ramp to business Route 1.

The boat was later successfully removed and the traffic continued. According to the officials, there were no injuries.

“Avoid Route 1 folks,” the Trevose Fire Company said on social media. “[T]hat’s an expensive oops.”

As Bucks County residents consistently deal with traffic on various highways, most would expect it to come from construction or a car crash. This just might be one of the most unique causes of traffic in the area in recent memory, and those who saw the boat will not be forgetting what held them up on Route 1 any time soon.

Read more about the incident at NBC10 Philadelphia.


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