Philadelphia Tops List of Cities Where Inflation Is Rising Most

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Philadelphia came out on the top among the nation’s 22 largest metropolitan areas based on where inflation is rising the most, according to a recently released report by WalletHub.

To determine in which cities inflation is rising more quickly than others, WalletHub compared the 22 metropolitan areas across two key metrics related to the Consumer Price Index, which is used to measure inflation. The Consumer Price Index for the latest month with available BLS data was compared to the two months prior as well as with one year prior.

Philadelphia ranked in the first place as the city where inflation is rising the fastest with a total score of 84.62.

The City of Brotherly Love recorded a Consumer Price Index change of two percent last month compared to two months before, which also placed it in the top spot for that category.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia had a Consumer Price Index change of 6.90 percent last month compared with a year ago. This makes it the sixth-highest increase among the 22 metros.

Read more about the cities where inflation is rising the most at WalletHub.

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