Morrisville Mansion Has an Important Connection to the Country’s Founding Fathers

historic mansion
Image via Summerseat.
The estate is a popular stop of history buffs in and out of the area.

A historic mansion in Bucks County has a very important connection to the founding of the country, and it can still be visited today. Joe Doyle, the co-founder and general manager of ActorsNET of Bucks County, talked about the estate for TEDxMorrisville.

Summerseat, located at 149 Harper Avenue in Morrisville, was originally built in 1770.

The home was owned by two signers of the Declaration of Independence. Founding Fathers George Clymer and Robert Morris, the area’s namesake, called Summerseat their home at various times.

It also served as a headquarters of George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

The estate was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1965. Now, the house is now managed by the Morrisville Historical Society, where anyone can tour the historic estate.

Much like the nearby Pennsbury Manor, this estate is another example of how the Bucks County area has had such a major role in the founding and building of America.

Learn more about Summerseat at TEDxMorrisville.


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