Holy Family Entering Educational Agreement with St. Hubert Catholic High School For Girls

Holy Family University
Image via Holy Family University.

Administrators from St. Hubert Catholic High School For Girls, the largest all-girls school in Philadelphia, visited Holy Family University to sign an agreement that offers St. Hubert students the opportunity to take courses at Holy Family.

These courses, taken under the tutelage of Holy Family’s renowned faculty, will be applied to collegiate academic programs and shorten students’ time to degree completion. The partnership also allows for a pathway for students of St. Hubert to enroll at Holy Family to build upon the shared missions of the institutions to educate and develop the next generation of leaders in Philadelphia.

Holy Family University President Anne Prisco noted, “We are delighted to create this important partnership with St. Hubert on behalf of their students. St Hubert’s mission, which includes spirituality, scholarship, and service, aligns seamlessly with Holy Family University’s core values and will enable students to advance their studies at an accelerated rate within the context of a personalized and supportive academic environment.

“Our unique value proposition of educational excellence and affordability—coupled with our rating as the safest college in Philadelphia, makes Holy Family an attractive choice not only for students but also for parents. We look forward to welcoming the students of St. Hubert to our Holy Family family.” 

At the signing, Dr. Prisco was joined by Lizanne Pando, Ed.D., president of St. Hubert, and Gina MacKenzie, Ph.D., principal of St. Hubert. Also on hand were Holy Family’s mascot, Blue, and St. Hubert’s mascot, Bambi.

“Our new partnership with Holy Family University will extend the value of Catholic education, at the collegiate level, here at St. Hubert by offering general education college courses on-site, co-curricular activities, and unique scholarship opportunities for St. Hubert students,” said Dr. MacKenzie. “We are excited to enter this partnership and advance our students’ academic portfolio in new and innovative ways.”

“St. Hubert’s relationship with Holy Family University is important to us on many levels,” said Dr. Pando. “We have a ‘sisterhood’ with Holy Family through our collaboration in the classroom and our many graduates who go on to attend there.”  

As part of the partnership program, St. Hubert students will be engaged with Holy Family faculty and current students to assist them in the transition to college life by fostering a college-going mindset for St. Hubert students. Coursework may include classes offered in Holy Family’s new academic programs in Applied Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, and Esports & Gaming Administration and its expanded programs in the School of Nursing & Health Sciences and the School of Education.

Learn more at Holy Family University.

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