Feasterville Bakery Creates Cookies Closer to Art Pieces than Delicious Treats

Image via Laurel Baking Co.
The Bucks County bakery has been creating confection worth framing.

A bakery in Bucks County is creating custom confections that could be mistaken for art pieces, using unique designs and styles.

Laurel Baking Co., which operates out of the Feasterville area, bakes and designs custom cookies for all occasions. Whether you are looking to serve them at a wedding, baby shower, or other special event, the bakers design skills bring the creations to another level of aestheticism and remembrance.

“Laurel Baking Co is a small batch certified home bakery that provides thoughtfully designed custom decorated cookies for every occasion!” the bakery said online.

This looking to fill an order may have to wait a while. The owner of the business announced that she would be placing her baking sales on hiatus, as she is expecting her third child.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported me and especially to all my repeat clients. I loved celebrating your bridal showers, gender reveals, baby showers, baptisms, first birthdays as your little ones grow!”

Learn more about the baking company at Linktree.


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