David’s Bridal Flirts Again with Bankruptcy

david's bridal
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Despite its possibility of a bankruptcy declaration, David's Bridal is committing to meeting customer deliveries for dresses.

David’s Bridal, the Montgomery County brand for all things wedding, remains on shaky financial ground after its declaration of bankruptcy five years ago. Lauren Hirsch and Jordyn Holman reported its status in The New York Times.

Despite rosy times for the bridal industry and active sales from the Conshohocken retailer — estimated to sell one out of every U.S. three wedding gowns — high costs are an ongoing concern.

No sure course of action has been revealed; however, possible next moves may include a refiling of bankruptcy. or even a sale.

Even a sale is not out of the question.

An anonymous David’s Bridal representative says company leaders have been working with outside advisors to chart next steps:

In any case, the company has assured customers (primarily brides) that it will continue delivering dresses and holding fittings.

Part of its woe stems from consumer habits that shifted to online purchases for wedding apparel during the pandemic.

More detail on the financial future of David’s Bridal is at The New York Times.


What does a bankruptcy declaration mean?

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