America’s First Animal Shelter, Located in Bucks County, Celebrates 154th Anniversary

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The shelter is celebrating a major milestone in their journey to help local animals.

An animal shelter in Bucks County is celebrating a major milestone, as well as their part in the history of pet safety in America.

The Women’s Animal Center, located at 3839 Richlieu Road in Bensalem, recently celebrated 154 years of business in the Bucks County and Philadelphia area.

“We are committed to placing all healthy or medically and behaviorally treatable animals into new homes by implementing proven methods of lifesaving and rehabilitation,” the center said online.

Founded by Caroline Earle White in 1869, the center laid the groundwork for what animals shelters would be come in America, emphasizing the well-being of the animals and their caretakers.

“We honor the legacy of our trailblazing founders and ensure that all animals are treated humanely and with kindness. Thank you for your support and your faith in our mission,” the shelter said online.

Learn more about the shelter’s history at the Women’s Animal Center.


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